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Tephra’s Visits is a highly secure biometric visitor management solution that supports, fingerprint, facial and iris recognition to streamline the visitor identification process. It enables Prison Services to reliably verify the authenticity of visitors to ensure authorised access.

The solution captures high quality biometric images in a way that it is easy to use and with minimal instruction to help expedite the enrolment process. On identification Tephra Visits, provides staff with real time biometric authentication to confidently verify the identity of visitors.

Tephra Visits seamlessly integrates with the facility’s prisoner management system to ensure the process of visiting a prison is efficient, accurate and simple to use while improving the security of the service.

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Tephra’s Visits offers a safer, smoother visit experience for all. Robust biometric checks ensures prison safety and security while providing a high degree of accuracy, speed and reliability.


Visits provide an opportunity for prisoners to maintain family connection, help rebuild relationships and actively begin to form links to the community both for support and to assist with the re-entry process.

As hundreds of visitors enter and exit custodial facilities each day, it is vital that the identity of visitors are accurately verified to avoid mistaken identity and to prevent escapes and security breaches.

Traditional systems of identification and verification can be time-consuming, complex and vulnerable to abuse. Tephra’s Visits solution addresses these shortcomings and helps to improve the speed, security and reliability of the visitor identification process.

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Enhanced security benefits

Prevents escapes

Eliminates the possibility of identity swap between prisoner and visitor.

Efficient staff deployment

Ability to automate identification process freeing staff from this task.

Eliminates unauthorised entry

Denies access to red-listed persons who have been banned access to the facility.

Enhances security

Minimises risk of security breaches, keeps unauthorised people from getting in and prevents prisoners getting out.

Improves staff and prisoner social interaction

Facilitates staff time for meaningful engagement and individual interaction with prisoners.

Cost effective

Significantly improves the operational efficiency of visitor booking administration and management.

Improves visitor flow

Speeds up visitor processing, visitors’ require only be enrolled on first visit.

Greater accountability

Full reporting of all system, user and alarm events.


Mobile face recognition app

Instant identity verification for virtual visitation. Facial characteristics are matched against the database to establish identity.

Access rules

Streamlines security operations and manage access rights, zone locations and movements.

Biometric technology

Accurately identify visitors with a scalable biometric matching service. Offers a choice from multiple biometric modalities including fingerprint, facial and iris recognition.

Real-time monitoring of visitors

Real-time head count is available with details of visitor numbers.

Access system alerts

Displays alarms for unauthorised access attempts to the site using a biometric reader i.e. those that have been red-listed or other restrictions.

Centralised enrolment and user management

Captures and records visitors’ details including biometric templates e.g. fingerprint, face and iris.

Card printing and image capture

Incorporates production of photo identification cards. Provides local image capture, processing and printing of cards for all visitors.


Offers seamless integration into a facility’s prisoner management system.

Audit and reporting

Provides a comprehensive audit and reporting capability for a holistic view of system deployment.