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Smart Hatch

Smart Hatch is an on demand smart glass solution specially developed to enhance the safety and privacy of those living and working in a custodial environment.

It is the first and only auditable obscured controlled panel that can be retrofitted to prison observation hatches or installed as part of a new build.

Safeguarding prisoners

Prisoners are disrupted less, feel more secure, have greater privacy and are less likely to challenge staff as all hatch operations are fully recorded.  Ultimately this leads to fewer complaints as a comprehensive audit provides transparency of prison observation procedure for both staff and prisoners.


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Smart Hatch addresses many common prison complaints

  • Abuse and accusations of the frequency
    of observations
  • Observation hatches left open or
  • Sleep disturbances caused by
    hatch noise


Prison Services have a responsibility to provide a positive duty of care to protect prisoners from personal injury and harm, including abuse and neglect. The current standard of care is to risk assess prisoners, observe and manually document that they are safe, and at regular intervals.

Despite the best efforts these established observation protocols are open to abuse, affecting sleep patterns and interfering with prisoner privacy; negatively impacting on the relationship between staff and prisoner.

Given the rise in prisoner litigation, the need for accurate and reliable records of cell observations and engagement by prison staff has never been greater.

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Enhanced security benefits

Increases privacy and decency within the cell

Prevents unauthorised viewing by staff or prisoners.

Silent operation

Fewer disturbances while under regular observation.

Optimal observation records

Improves integrity of observation entries for regulatory authorities.

Cost effective

Reduces repair costs of vandalised flaps.

Greater accountability and integrity

Real time system records cannot be altered or tampered with retrospectively.

Increased protection from litigation

Protects against false accusations contributing to reduced incidents of custody complaints.


Hardware compatability

Designed for easy installation. It can be installed in new builds or retrofitted to existing observation hatches.

Display Panel

Designed specifically for high security environments, the overlay retains and enhances all the strength and anti-vandal properties of the existing window.


The panel has a haze coefficient of >90% when obscure. When clear it has a haze coefficient of <10%.

Control & power for a retrofit installation

Fully contained unit requiring no additional cabling. Controlled by a rechargeable handheld device providing enough power for a full 12 hour shift.

Control & power for a new build installation

Controlled through Tephra’s Cell Controller and accessed via an RFID tag.

Audit Trail

Every action and event within the system is recorded in a time stamped audit trail. It includes which device, Cell ID and the date, time and duration of observation.