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Security Products


Tephra Platform is an intelligent integrated software solution specially designed for use in high security environments.

With a single centralised control interface, the software provides real time remote monitoring and control of electronic security devices.

Tephra Platform makes it simple to control multiple security systems. It provides a flexible and reliable solution to integrate, enhance and improve existing standalone systems and support future security challenges.


Platform can control a range of devices:

  • Electronic locks
  • CCTV
  • Intercoms
  • Fire Panels
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Biometric Devices
  • Perimeter security
  • Video analytics
  • Building management alarms


Prisons pose unique security demands. Many face unprecedented challenges with prisoner populations rising and budget spending reduced. Staff profiles are changing with experienced officers leaving, increasing the burden of mentoring new, inexperienced staff on long-standing officers.

Tephra Platform makes it possible for staff to maximise their time by automatically guiding officers through routine procedures and tasks, ensuring rapid response to time critical situations.

Trusted by some of the highest security establishments in Europe to improve security, efficiency and control.

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Enhanced security benefits

Increases security

Greater situational awareness of what’s happening as it happens, enable faster response to incidences.

Improves safety and reduces risk to staff and prisoners

Supports staff in incident aversion.

Get the most out of existing security systems

Integrates, enhances and improves existing stand-alone security systems.

Optimises control room efficiency

Reduce the complexity of responding to a wide range of different manufacturers control equipment.

Empowers operators

Real-time status and control of all electronic equipment to investigate and manage an incident.

Reduces management cost

Through efficient utilisation of resources.

Easily expandable

Add new device types and additional devices without causing system down time.


Intuitive graphical interface

Displays device status and incident location with clear graphical visualisation.

Multi-Layer control

Supports management of multiple locations and can import multi-layered AutoCAD drawings to allow simple setup.

Real time status monitoring and control

Connects disparate security systems together to a central database, and controls them through a single platform.

Response and workflow management

Provides step by step instructions on how to respond to incidents triggered manually or automatically by system events.

Intelligent alarm handling

Displays alarms in priority order.

Defined zones and access rules

Streamlines security operations and manages movement between zones.

System resilience

Protects the integrity of the system with self-monitoring capability and initiates pre-programmed remedial actions.

Secure logon

Biometric systems logon to restrict access to authorised personnel.

Audit and reporting

Provides a comprehensive audit and reporting capability to review incident information and response.