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Created specifically for the unique demands of the prison services, Tephra’s Movements solution provides high level security and safety whilst supporting a less institutional living environment.

Tephra Movements is a multimode access device developed to accurately confirm the identity and control the movement of prisoners within the facilities. For increased security, two-factor authentication is used to verify identities applying a combination of biometric, RFID and / or PIN, to create a strong multifactor authentication system.


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By enabling choice and giving prisoners greater controlled physical movement holds the potential for prisoners to adopt positive behavioural traits which provides them with a greater sense of well-being and independence.


Monitoring prisoner movement is a constant challenge. Generally, prison environments are designed to limit prisoners’ ability to move around and this can reinforce feelings of helplessness, frustration, and despair.

Significant effort and attention by prison staff is required to control internal prisoner movement including manually issuing paper passes, accurately performing visual identifications, delivering appropriate supervision and physically recording when prisoners have left one area and entered another.

Giving prisoners greater controlled physical movement and responsibility provides opportunities for more meaningful interaction with staff therefore facilitating positive behaviour change.

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Enhanced security benefits

Efficient deployment of staff

Less time is required managing movements.

Encourages greater personal responsibility

Allows prisoners controlled freedom and the opportunity to make choices for themselves.

Improves staff and prisoner social interaction

Facilitates staff time for meaningful engagement and individual interaction with prisoners.

Enhances prisoners self-esteem

Prisoners less dependent on staff escorts.

Greater accountability

Simplifies reconciliation of prisoner movements.

Enhances security

Multiple identification checks reduce risk.

Improves safety

Mitigates against erroneous exit from last known location.


Access control

Controlled free movement of prisoners to approved areas.

Multifactor authentication

Combines biometric, RFID and PIN to verify prisoner identity and validate access rights.

Intuitive graphical interface

Multilingual user interface displays real time data for prisoner location monitoring.

Access restrictions

Movement assessed on security risk and /or maximum number of movements at any one time.

Real time alarms

Alerts staff to: Incorrect identification match; Unapproved attempted movement; Exceeded expected travel time; Non arrival at a location; Access attempts at wrong location.


Comprehensive audit and reporting capability on movements including: attendance/non-attendance at destinations, and average travel time to destinations.

Integration with prisoner information management system

Eliminates duplicate data entry.