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Safer Custody Products

Cell Control

Tephra’s Cell Control is an integrated device capable of controlling and monitoring a lock, hatch and other cell peripherals. This multifunctional terminal is designed to be mounted beside a cell, room or circulation door.

Cell Control has revolutionised the way custodial environments manage their access control. It can be adapted in response to changes in the risk profile of individual prisoners, ensuring ultimate protection and security for all – staff, prisoners and the prison itself.

It forms part of Tephra’s fully scalable integrated security management Platform, to facilitate remote control and monitoring of all connected peripherals.

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Cell Control can be configured to

  • Display RFID / token information
  • Adjust smart hatch position
  • Control room temperature
  • Control power
  • Unlock doors
  • Reset cell call
  • Control lights


Prison environments are challenging and security needs to be efficient and manageable. Successful prison systems ensure safe custody and control, but also opportunities for rehabilitation.

The use of technology in prisons can make a positive contribution to the safety of officers and prisoners, by freeing staff from repetitive activities and empowering prisoners to make choices themselves.

Tephra Cell Control can be utilised by both officers and prisoners, enabling prisoners’ greater levels of autonomy through performing daily routines, but also allowing officers to maintain effective control and security

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Enhanced security benefits

System Expansion

Provides a flexible and scalable solution to manage cell operations including a wide range of locks and other cell peripherals.

Increases safety

Users can remotely control electronic locks from control consoles, either for normal operation or supporting staff during an incident.

Enhances prisoners self-esteem

Prisoners less dependent on staff escorts.

Improves control

RFID / Token access can be suspended immediately from control consoles when required.

Enhances security

All communications between the device, server and control consoles are encrypted. Tamper detection circuits fitted as standard.

Encourages greater personal responsibility

Supports the social reintegration of prisoners allowing greater controlled freedom.

Greater accountability

Full reporting ability of interactions with cell devices.


Door control panel

A rugged unit consisting of a RFID reader, multi-colour LED ring indicator for cell status indication and touch screen with customisable display for operator interactions.

Smart hatch

Power and control an on demand smart glass solution for prison observation hatches.

Tamper Detection

Multiple tamper detection circuits available to alert operators if detection circuits are activated.

Door interlocking

Enables doors to be grouped together and rules regarding open conditions to be applied.

Real time display and control

Forms part of Tephra’s fully scalable integrated security management, Platform.

Tag management

Programmable access rules allowing authorised tag holders to perform operations at the door.

Prisoner tag

Lock and unlock their own cell at specific times and when enabled from the Platform.

Officer tag

Options to unlock door, reset cell call, perform cell observations and view prisoner charge card.

Audit and reporting

Provides a comprehensive audit and reporting capability to review alarms and tag holder actions. Only authorised personnel can view full event history.