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Developed to meet the unique demands of a high security environment, where accurate identity is paramount. Tephra’s Access solution confirms the identity and controls the movement of all individuals, as they enter and exit a building. It reinforces security by reliably verifying and authenticating people to ensure authorised access.

It provides a fast, accurate and secure way of controlling access to a facility and other critical areas within a building. For maximum security two-tier authorisation can be applied, integrating RFID and / or PIN.

A proven solution, Tephra Access has been successfully installed in some of the highest security establishments in Europe to meet the most complex security needs.

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Tephra’s Access solution offers multiple contact and contactless biometric options:

  • Fingerprint
  • Facial Recognition
  • Hand geometry
  • Iris


Prisons are characterised by frequent changes in population. The need to provide different access privileges to groups including staff and temporary visitors e.g. contractors, legal and government officials, makes identifying people entering and leaving a facility challenging.

Operational processes including checking ID, authorising movements and accounting for staff and visitors in the case of emergencies has resulted in duplication of work and a greater risk of human error.

Tephra Access offers a reliable, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to facilities and when that access is allowed.

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Enhanced security benefits

Increases security

Prevents unauthorised individuals access to the site or other restricted areas within the facility.

Efficient staff deployment

Offers centralised management of multiple access points.

Improves safety

Mitigates against erroneous release.

Improves tracing

Helps to identify and trace an individual’s movement, which doors were accessed and who else may have been in contact with relevant door.

Fully scalable

Built with flexibility to grow as requirements change. Supports single and multiple sites of all sizes.

Cost effective

Significantly improves the operational efficiency of administering access privileges.

Improves visitor flow

Speeds up visitor processing. Saff and temporary visitors require only to be enrolled on first visit.

Greater accountability

Establishes accurate information about individuals’ location down to zone level.


Access rules

Streamline security operations and manage access rights, privileges, zone locations and movements.

Access system alerts

Displays alarms for unauthorised access attempts or maximum people limit has been reached in a zone.

Real-time access control and monitoring

Real time head count is provided as individuals enter or exit the site or move within predefined zones.

Card printing and image capture

Incorporates production of photo identification cards for staff, contractors and legal visitors.

Multifactor authentication

Combines biometric, RFID and PIN to verify person’s identity and validate access rights.

Centralised enrolment and user management

Captures and records staff and temporary visitors’ details including biometric templates e.g. hand, fingerprint, face and iris.

Key Control

Integrates with key management systems, preventing individual exit from a facility or zone for failure of a secure key return.

Body temperature scanning

Integrates with Tephra’s Temperature Screening to offer a contactless solution for identifying elevated temperature of people as they access an area.