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Establishing and maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for staff and students remains a key priority across the education system.

At Lava Group we understand that individual educational settings come with different security challenges, but each share the need to provide freedom of movement and accessibility to spaces.

Tephra’s solutions are design to strengthen campus security and enhance the safety of its users.

Our team will work with you to devise bespoke integrated security solutions that will meet the challenges of improving security, increasing awareness and providing visibility all while supporting a sense of freedom and openness across your facilities.

University building

Tephra solutions

Provide educational facilities of all sizes with a flexible and reliable unified Platform.

From access control and video analytics to intrusion detection and building management alarms empower staff with real time status and control of all security equipment.

Reinforce security by reliably verifying and authenticating people to ensure authorised access for different areas of a building.

Improve safety by supporting security teams deal with incidents consistently and efficiently.


We’re here to help

Have a security challenge you want to discuss? We’ll make sure to put you in touch with our specialist technical team.