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Intelligent security supporting rehabilitation

Beyond security, Tephra technology supports more meaningful human engagement between prisoners and officers.

About Tephra

Transforming the future of prisons

Our technologies have been specially designed to aid rehabilitation and promote safer custody practices, whilst still retaining the highest level of security measures.

The benefit of fostering increased interaction has a positive impact on officers, prisoners and the prison system as a whole.

Our technology will transform the future of prisons, the role of the prison officer and the life of prisoners.

Our Products

Designed with experience

Tephra is a dynamic suite of products designed specifically to meet the many challenges and complexities of high security environments. Our specialist team are moving security beyond performance. Tephra’s products extend existing capability, improve control and create safer custody environments.


Technology designed with experience, delivering powerful integrated solutions to improve security, efficiency and control. Tephra offers highly stable, proven technology…
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Safer Custody

Tephra solutions help transform safer custody practices. Technology that keeps people safe, helps achieve lower levels of self-harm and self-inflicted…
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